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If a professional, polished, well-edited podcast is what you’re after then move along, friends. But if you love unfiltered banter, unedited bloopers and authentic heart sharing then you are in the right place. Oh, we also have the most practical tips on holistic health care covering loads of areas like thyroid, hormones, preconception care, gut health, adrenals and optimising your mindset to heal fully. Each week we cover topics across the areas of thyroid, gut, fertility, pregnancy, hormonal balancing, mindset, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Bringing you a combination of solo episodes + interviews with experts in their fields. Nat breaks down complex topics into practical, actionable and real-life bite sized pieces leaving you feeling grounded, informed, inspired and empowered when it comes to true holistic wellbeing.
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Dec 22, 2017

Topics include:

- Signs you may be consuming too little carbohydrates

- What to expect when reintroducing carbs, including what are normal teething issues and what may be a bigger problem

- Tips/strategies on reintroducing carbs: types, how many, ways to make the transition easier

- What to do if you are still experiencing issues after reintroducing carbs including addressing hormones, gut health and thyroid health



Dec 5, 2017

Topics include

- Gut skin connection

- Diet recommendations for healthy skin

- The role of smart supplementation. Which ones and why

- Essential oils for great skin

- Lifestyle hacks to help improve skin health

- Lots more :)



Essential Oils with Kate 

Nov 21, 2017

Topics include:

- Tips on hosting and attending parties/social gatherings

- Best ways to enjoy alcohol and minimise its detrimental side effects using smart choices, strategies and specific supplements

- Dealing with anxiety around social gatherings

- Maintaining gut health through the party season

Oct 31, 2017

Topics include:

  • What is orthorexia
  • Signs/symptoms of orthorexia
  • The fine line between caring about what you eat versus orthorexia
  • Strategies to heal yourself from restrictive eating
  • Practical tips and more!
Oct 17, 2017

Topics include:

  • Energy deficits and how far below your "maintenance" calories you should eat
  • Tracking your intake; when and why
  • Protein recommendations for fat loss
  • Carbohydrate recommendations for fat loss
  • Troubleshooting and what we commonly see prevent fat loss
  • Loving yourself through the process
  • The importance of sleep
  • Lots more tips and tricks 


Sep 28, 2017

Topics include:

– Situations where lowering your protein intake is beneficial

– Situations where high protein diets are beneficial

– Protein on a Vegan diet

– Autophagy explained and intermitted fasting appropriateness

– Glucose uptake after training



Kate’s experience with post natal depression

Sep 12, 2017

Topics include:

- Diet tweaks to manage stress

- Supplements that can support you through stressful times

- Lifestyle and exercise hacks for reducing stress

- Essential oils for stressful times



- One giant mind meditation app

- Louise Hay Daily affirmations

- Louise Hay You can heal your life

- The Paleo Solution Podcast 

Sep 1, 2017

This episode is all about Kate's natural birth story, including her prep leading up to it, what happened in her journey and lots more tips tricks and info for all you mummas to be and general curious beings!


Kate's natural birth kit 

Ina May's Guide to Childbirth 

Jul 18, 2017

Topics include:

  • What are carbohydrates? 
  • What parts of our body requires them? 
  • Can we "make" them if we don’t eat them?
  • What is considered “low carb”, “moderate carb”, “high carb”? 
  • The benefits of low carb, and people who do well off this approach
  • The downfalls of low carb and people who would be better of with a moderate-high carb intake
  • Do sources matter? 
  • Good quality cabohydrate sources
  • Not so good carb sources
  • Is there a good/bad time to eat carbs?
Jul 4, 2017

Topics include:

- Nat and Kate overshare...again.

- What is SIBO + the different types

- Symptoms of SIBO

- Differentiating factors between SIBO and parasites

- Testing options for SIBO and parasites

- Antimicrobials for SIBO and parasites

- Biofilm in SIBO and parasites 

- Dietary Treatment strategies for SIBO and parasites 


Jun 24, 2017

Topics include:

  • Our personal favourite meals we cook
  • Using the slow cooker
  • Ideas for fast breakfast
  • Foods good to cook in bulk
  • Nats epic nutrient dense smoothie
  • how to create a healthy breakfast smoothie
  • What Kate feeds her toddler, Olivia


Jun 6, 2017

Topics include:

  • What is perimenopause and menopause
  • Hormonal changes that happen
  • Consequences of these changes
  • Boosting progesterone to relieve symptoms 
  • Supplements and bioidentical progesterone
  • "Estrogen dominance" or imbalance
  • How to keep estrogen on your side
  • Food, supplement, lifestyle and exercise recommendations for balancing hormones


May 26, 2017

Topics include:

  • When low serotonin isn't the cause
  • Inflammation and its link with depression
  • Hormonal imbalances and how they contribute to depression
  • Tips on reducing inflammation through diet
  • Supplement strategies in the management of depression
  • Lifestyle recommendations for treating depression
  • The importance of asking for help


Podcast on the oral contraceptive pill
Podcast on Hypothalamic Amenorrhea
Podcast on Low Estrogen and Hypothalamic Amenorrhea 
Podcast on PCOS
Podcast on Anxiety 
Amy Crawford and CTC therapy 
Amino Acid Therapy/The Mood Cure

May 9, 2017

Topics include:

- Intro to todays guest Caitlin Ficken (dietitian and strength and conditioning coach)

- Caitlin's background story

- Training like an athlete means fuelling your body accordingly (what and how?)

- The importance of recovery, sleep and hydration

- Matching your training to your lifestyle, why it is so important

- Supplementation

- The importance of listening to your body

- Tips on building a healthy relationship with your body



- Check out Caitlin here

Apr 18, 2017

Topics Include:

- What PCOS is

- How it is diagnosed and often misdiagnosed 

- Clinical symptoms of PCOS 

- Causes of PCOS

- Insulin resistance PCOS (causes and treatment)

- Post Pill PCOS (causes and treatment)

- Inflammation driven PCOS (causes and treatment)



- Nats blogs on liver detoxification (here, here and here)

- Kate's blog on liver detoxification

- Our liver detox podcast

Apr 4, 2017

Topics Include:

- Benefits of estrogen

- Symptoms of estrogen deficiency

- Causes of estrogen deficiency

- Nutrition for optimising estrogen balance with Hypothalamic Amenorrhea (HA)

- Sleep, stress and exercise recommendations for treating low estrogen HA

- Beneficial supplements for boosting estrogen when it is low



Kate's blog with an abundance of HA related posts

Healing Hypothalamic Amenorrhea eCourse

Healing Hypothalamic Amenorrhea eBook

Purchase/read about doTerra Essential Oils from Nat or Kate

Mar 21, 2017

Topics include:

- What we have been enjoying lately (L-Theanine and L-Tyrosine for sleep, mood and thyroid health)

- Reader question around pregnancy/breastfeeding energy requirements 

- Is ACV and kombucha safe in pregnancy?

- Losing the post baby weight



Kate's post on dealing with post natal depression

Order Kate's bookHolistic Nutrition: Eat Well, Train Smart & Be Kind to Your Body

Purchase Nat's eBookHealing Digestive Discomfort


Mar 7, 2017

Topics Include:


- What is considered a low calorie diet

- The negative impacts of chronic low calorie diets

- How much should you be eating for weight maintenance, weight loss or weight gain?

- Is is all just calories in versus calories out? 

- When should you/shouldn't you count calories?

- What about macronutrients and the idea that calories don't count at all?

- Our thoughts on the IIFYM diet

- The importance of meeting micronutrients for hormonal healing


Calorie calculator option 1

Calorie counter option 2

Podcast on Thyroid Health

Blog Post: Six Steps to Determine If Your Thyroid Is Under Active and How to Get to The Underlying Cause

Order Kate's book- Holistic Nutrition: Eat Well, Train Smart & Be Kind to Your Body

Purchase Nat's eBook
- Healing Digestive Discomfort



Feb 21, 2017

Topics include:

  • What we ate for breakfast
  • The alarming prevalence of anxiety in our society
  • How chronic stress wreaks havoc on your system 
  • Dietary strategies for managing anxiety
  • Two conditions that could be contributing to your anxiety and how to get tested
  • Lifestyle tips for managing anxiety
Jan 31, 2017

Topics include:

  • What we ate for breakfast
  • Nat & Kate’s rant about strict paleo (pro's and con's)
  • How much + what type of exercise is best for someone who is generally healthy
  • Thoughts on Crossfit for women
  • Tweaks to exercise routines if you are suffering from Adrenal Fatigue or Hypothalamic Amenorrhea 
  • Nat elaborates a little on her new book Healing Digestive Discomfort and how it can help you if you have gut issues.



Jan 17, 2017

Topics include:

  • Nat & Kate's Updates. Hint: Kates is super exciting!
  • Nat elaborates a little on her new book Healing Digestive Discomfort and how it can help you if you have IBS. 
  • Our personal journey to become Holistic Dietitians
  • Discussion and advice on the path to take if you would like to be doing what we are doing. Including the Pro's and Con's of going down the University path.
  • Updates on Kate's Healing Hypothalamic Amenorrhea Program
Jan 3, 2017

Topics include:


  • Nat & Kate's Updates
  • Our personal health and wellness New Year's Resolutions. Many of which we think everyone can benefit from
  • Discussion about setting realistic health goals, with some great examples of how to make lasting changes to your diet and lifestyle
  • Updates on Kate's Healing Hypothalamic Amenorrhea Program and Nat's E-book launch coming soon.


Resources mentioned:

  • The True Cost documentary
  • Louise Hay 'I can do it 2017 calendar'
  • Sign up for Kate's next round of Healing HA
  • Sign up to Nat's Newsletter to receive updates on latest e-book release, consultation services and Program releases