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If a professional, polished, well-edited podcast is what you’re after then move along. If however you love unfiltered banter, unedited bloopers and authentic heart sharing then you are in the right place. Each week Nat & Amie will bring you accessible, practical and insightful information on how to upgrade your health, self and environment to truly thrive. Between Amie and Nat there's decades worth of experience in areas such as hormones, thyroid, mold, building biology, gut, natural skin care, and You'll feel like you're having a cuppa' with your gal pals, having some fun and learning a tonne!
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May 28, 2020

Episode Summary:

In this episode, Nat's Mum joins Nat on the podcast to discuss her experience in supporting her daughter (Nat) through Anorexia. She gives us an insight into how she felt, the struggles she had had, what she felt worked for her, and lots more!

If you need support around any type of eating disorder, a great source of support is The Butterfly Foundation.


May 7, 2020

Topics include:

  • The two layers of immunity + where they are found
  • Gut-immune connection
  • Food as medicine - practical tips including foods to eat and meal ideas
  • Our fave nutrients for immune support 
  • Our fave herbs for immune support
  • Thinking outside the box to support your immune system
  • Essential oils for an immune system hug
Apr 28, 2020

Our Guest: Amie Skilton

Former functional medicine practitioner of 18 years, Amie Skilton’s view of root cause medicine was forever altered as a result of an environmentally acquired illness.

In 2017, after developing CIRS herself, she discovered the world of building biology and the various ways in which the built environment has a profound impact on human health. She realized her naturopathic, nutritional and herbal toolkit were only as useful as her environment was healthy.

She’s now on a mission to raise awareness in the public arena, and educate practitioners, on a commonly overlooked but monumentally significant influence on health and wellbeing. 


Topics include:

  • What is a Building Biologist for those that don’t know?
  • Are there any particular places in Australia that have the highest or lowest rates of mold?
  • What are signs or symptoms someone is being exposed to mold? 
  • Why do some people get affected and not others?
  • Is all mold visible to the naked eye?
  • What’s the process someone should go through if they suspect they may be exposed to mold? Particularly in relation to getting their home
  • If mold is found in a home, what are the first steps someone should take in removing it? (what are the do’s and don’ts)
  • Do landlords have a responsibility to remediate an apartment if mold is found and are there any laws in how this has to be done?
  • Is it necessary to chuck your belongings away if they have mold on them?
  • What are your top 5 tips for preventing mold from occurring in the first place?
  • If someone is looking into buying a home, or even moving into a rental apartment, how can they be sure there isn’t mold in there before committing?
  • What’s next for you in this space of building biology. Do you have any upcoming events, courses, programs or offerings?

Resources Mentioned:

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Apr 23, 2020

Topics include:

  • Tips on eating well during isolation
  • Managing trigger foods + "picking"
  • Some of our fave iso food discoveries + Kate's new obsession with lollies baby carrots
  • Making movement happen + what we are doing 
  • Nourishing your mental + emotional health
  • Relationships in Iso
  • Getting crafty + creative

Links mentioned:

Apr 17, 2020

Our guest Kate Caddle:

Kate believes that every woman deserves to be empowered and that the container of conception and pregnancy is the perfect conduit for that awakening.

She is an award-winning intuitive life coach, speaker, and writer, as well as a mama and wife.

Through her online space, coaching sessions, luna circles, The Awakened Pregnancy Podcast and sold-out workshops and speaking events, Kate helps women to see that they can embark on their journey to motherhood without fear, and instead see it as a time to truly connect to who they are and awaken the gifts within.

Kate has 12 years experience helping women feel incredible in their own skin and 5 years of experience as a working life coach. She’s actively been a part of the transformation of thousands of lives.

She’s an advocate for self-care, living gently and getting super comfortable in your own skin.

If she’s not connecting and supporting, you’ll find her exploring with her husband Michael and son Flynn.



  • Kate's journey into the space of preconception and pregnancy care
  • Why mindset becomes important through conception and pregnancy
  • The role mindset has in our experience in preconception, pregnancy, and motherhood
  • The practicalities of making emotional wellbeing and mindset a powerful tool in your preconception/pregnancy toolkit
  • Kate's experience with miscarriage and her invitation to those who have experienced this type of loss 
  • Finding the balance between being informed/knowledgeable and trusting your intuition
  • How Kate supports women just like you + why she believes so passionately in the importance of the work she does


Social & Website Links


Apr 7, 2020

Our Guest:

Dr. Ken McGrath is the Clinical Liaison Manager with Microba. He obtained his PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Pathology from the University of Queensland, and has a research background in microbial genomics, including human microbiomes and metagenomic analysis. Ken was the manager of a DNA sequencing laboratory 10 years prior to joining Microba, and is a member of several international microbiome research projects, including global pathogen detection and monitoring. Ken is now helping Microba bring the latest gut microbiome technology to healthcare practitioners and educate and inform them of how the information can benefit their patient management.



  • The main types of gut testing available
  • The difference between culture based stool testing and DNA based stool testing (+ what the heck it all means)
  • DNA testing further explained + knowing which type of DNA based gut test is best
  • What we get through the GP when requesting basic gut testing and what can and can't that tell us
  • Microbiome sequencing - what it does and doesn't tell us
  • The kinds of conditions, symptoms or presentations that can benefit from comprehensive microbiome testing 
  • How long it takes for our gut to change after implementing dietary and lifestyle changes
  • How often we should get testing be done
  • Loads more!



Social & Website Links


Mar 31, 2020

Topics Include:

  • Thyroid health after your thyroid is removed
  • Dealing with painful periods
  • Histamine, low progesterone and racing heart pre-period
  • The deal with dairy - is it really that bad?

+ Lots more!


Mar 24, 2020

About Our Guest:

Dr Pribyl is the Senior Scientist and Research Officer with biotech company Microba, a leader in the analysis of the gut microbiome. She has expertise in human microbiome research, microbiology, and stress physiology in fish. She also has a passion for science communication to support science-informed decision making. Dr Pribyl received her Ph.D. in Fisheries Science in 2010 from Oregon State University, was a National Research Council Postdoctoral Fellow, and was a CCST Science & Technology Policy Fellow before moving to Australia in 2015 where she started working at the Australian Centre for Ecogenomics at the University of Queensland in the area of the human microbiome. She has presented at many conferences and seminars to science and laymen audiences.


Podcast Topics:

  • What are the characteristics of an “ideal” or healthy gut?
  • What happens to the bacteria when we take Antibiotics?
  • Are antibiotics the only thing that alters our microbiome, or are there other drugs or hormones that have the ability to change the microbiome?
  • Can we recover species lost after Antibiotics?
  • The difference between a probiotic and a prebiotic
  • Probiotics - broad-spectrum or strain-specific?
  • Impact of carbohydrate restriction on the microbiome
  • The best "diet" for a healthy gut

Resources & Social Medica Links:


Feb 25, 2020

Topics Include:

  • Thyroid Goitres/Nodules and understanding the types
  • Advocating for yourself with Thyroid Issues
  • Tips on treating acne after stopping the pill 
  • Emotions leading up to periods
  • Tips to fight constipation 
  • Best vitamins/probiotics for toddlers
  • Ways to assist immune function
  • Kate's opinion + decision around Chemo versus natural Cancer treatment 
Feb 18, 2020

Guest Bio:


Elizabeth Cullen is a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Acupuncturist. She is the founder of The Dao Health based in Caringbah in Sydney’s Sutherland Shire where her and her team of Chinese Medicine practitioners are dedicated to creating a practice where patients of the West can confidently and safely experience and benefit treatment learnt from the East.

Through the use of the latest evidence based Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture research each patient is treated as an individual at The Dao Health. Liz seeks the root of the cause rather than the branch to restore the healthy balance both physically and emotionally.

Liz has a particular passion and enthusiasm treating Women’s Health and Fertility and last year she graduated from UNSW with a Masters of Women's Health Medicine to continue to pursue her passion of Integrative Medicine. Treatment ranges from beginning with Menarche and Menstrual issues including Endometriosis and Poylcystic Ovary Syndrome through to Pre conception behaviour, Natural Fertility support, Male fertility support, IUI and IVF support, Pregnancy, Labour preparation and Post natal care.

She treats a range of conditions in the clinic and has interest and experience in the treatment of Bells Palsy, Digestive Issues, Skin conditions, Sleep issues, Chronic Fatigue, Musculoskeletal Issues, Mental Health and Cosmetic Acupuncture.

Elizabeth’s ongoing curiosity with Traditional Chinese Medicine inspires her to travel back to China for ongoing study and in her spare time enjoys taking her two rescue dogs Iris and Arthur to the beach.​


Where to find Liz:

Instagram: @thedao

Facebook: The Dao Health

Podcast Topics/Questions

  • What is TCM and Acupuncture (myth busting)
  • A TCM perspective on your cycle
  • The drivers behind Endometriosis in TCM
  • Acupuncture for endometriosis
  • The best time of your cycle to get Acupuncture when treating Endometriosis
  • Dietary approaches or principles for Endometriosis in TCM
  • TCM Pain management for Endometriosis
  • TCM supplements in Endometriosis
  • The role of shared care and who Liz often works alongside when treating patients 


Resources and Links Mentioned In The Podcast:

Yang Sheng - Katie Brindle 

Recipes for Self Healing -  Maverick Leggett

Healthy Hormones -  Belinda Kirkpatrick 

The Spark in the Machine - Daniel Keown 

Yin Yang House 

American Dragon 


Feb 4, 2020

Our Guest - Amy Needham

Amy is a Nutrition & Performance Coach. She currently lectures and mentors in Performance Nutrition to a variety of people across the world including doctors. Amy sees clients both online and face to face, with most of these clients looking for body transformations & a mental shift in regards to health.

Amy was a competitive gymnast for 10years, and has several qualifications in yoga, massage, Powerlifting, Women's artistic gymnastics, boxing, Cert iii and 4 in fitness & personal training along with mentorships in exercise sport science & physiology as well as female health. This legend of a fellow nerd is also a student in a bachelor of Health Science in Nutrition & Masters in Dietetics.

Her focus as a coach is upon improving the lives of all that she meets, creating a body & mind transformation. Working specifically with hormonal health and the psychology of eating to create lifestyle based body recomposition to maintain a lean & strong physique year round is her jam.

As Amy puts it - she  bridges the Gap between Health & 'Fitness' to dispel the bullshit & give knowledge to the masses. Her point of difference as a coach is that she doesn’t want to retain clients - she simply wants to create the physical change in a way that educates the person enough to go about it alone after they finish up.


Topics Include:

💪The biggest mistakes women make when it comes to exercise
💪Benefits of strength training for females
💪 Will HIIT training alone get you results
💪 The physiology behind why some women end up looking puffy + inflamed when doing too much HIIT/Crossfit/F45
💪 Sustainable Fat loss nutrition + the biggest mistake women make
💪 What happens when someone YoYo diets and calorie restricts for years + what to do
💪 Strength training + Nutrition tips across the menstrual cycle
💪 The art of being a good coach + the role of mindset, self-worth and your "why"
💪What Amy would change about the fitness industry


Where to find Amy:

Instagram: @needmfit

Sign up to her newsletter here

Jan 28, 2020

Topics Include:

  • Kate's trip to Hope 4 Cancer in Mexico
  • Details on the Integrative + Natural Therapies Kate has been using so far
  • Kate's support crew of experts + everyday legends and why it's important to approach it this way
  • Food + Supplements to support her through overcoming Cancer and decreasing side effects of Chemo
  • Dealing with the emotional aspect of this journey
  • Kate's tips for loved ones supporting someone through this journey 
  • Resources Kate has found helpful along the way
  • Where to next


Radical Remission book

The Journey healing method 

Hope 4 Cancer Mexico

Oscar Juicer


Jan 13, 2020

About our guest:

Nikki is a period expert and founder of the epic company Moonbox. Moonbox is about transforming the way women experience their periods. It’s about busting period taboos & creating a world without period pain, shame and monthly suffering. It’s about providing a holistic, effective & long term approach to balancing hormones & relieving menstrual symptoms naturally – without the pill, drugs or surgery. We are going to share all about how you can get amongst this goodness Nikki has created in the podcast so make sure you listen to the end of this episode.

Podcast Questions:

  • Nikki's doorway into optimising women's cycles
  • What a healthy period looks like
  • PMS - normal or just common?
  • How to support the follicular phase of the cycle
  • How to ensure you ovulate and how to know if you have
  • Supporting your luteal phase
  • Menstrual cups and period undies 
  • Ways to track your cycle
  • Natural contraception - what are your options
  • All about Moonbox
  • Final question; what is one thing you do for your health daily? 




- Natural condoms by Jonny Lovers

- Daysy fertility and period tracker

- Period undies by ModiBodi


Social & Website Links:


Dec 18, 2019

Zhenya is, an
I-ACT Certified Colon Hydrotherapist, with Level 2 study and certification, Holistic Nutritionist, Wellness Consultant and Yoga Instructor with 16 years in the wellness industry, is driven to empower people to be aware of their own bodies, to live a healthy life and make conscious decisions about their own health and for their personal wellbeing.

Zhenya is also the co-owner of Proppr - which is an elegant australian designed footstool to get you in the Proppr position for your next trip to the bathroom.

Social & Website Links:


Topics include:

  • What is an enema?
  • The difference between enemas and colonics
  • When or why someone would choose to do an enema over a colonic
  • Different types of enemas and why choose one over the other
  • Who enemas are a good idea for and who should not be doing enemas
  • A walk through exactly how to perform one at home
  • Diet prep leading up to enema
  • Frequency to avoid dependency or damage to the gut
  • Risks associated with doing them at home
  • When purchasing an enema kit what the do’s and don’t s are
  • A few bonus Christmas tips to stay on track


Resources/links mentioned in the podcast:

Enema kits:

DIY enemas resources:


Dec 3, 2019

Topics Include:

In this podcast we explore the myths and truths behind the popular documentary "The Game Changers". We talk about all the things you're wondering after watching the doco. Including:

  • Bias of the film, and was there an attempt to show both sides
  • The "experiments" in the film including the erection experiment and the "cloud blood" experiment. What does the science say about this?
  • Does fish and chicken cause Cancer?
  • The "healthy user bias" and how to understand the context of nutritional science experiments
  • Protein quality and quantity explained, including their peanut butter versus steak/egg reference
  • Food comparisons and misleading implications
  • Herbivores versus Humans - do we digest the same and how does this change things?
  • B12 explained and what you REALLY need to know here
  • Ethical concerns and the details not discussed
  • Environmental concerns and the miss representation of data
  • Fake meat - our health and the environmental impact

Links references in the podcast:

- Chris Kresser's and Joe Rogan longer analysis

- Chris Kresser's blog on the science (with research links)


Nov 26, 2019

Zhenya Gerson is an I-ACT Certified Colon Hydrotherapist, with Level 2 study and certification, Holistic Nutritionist, Wellness Consultant and Yoga Instructor with 16 years in the wellness industry, is driven to empower people to be aware of their own bodies, to live a healthy life and make conscious decisions about their own health and for their personal wellbeing.

Zhenya is also the co-founder of Proppr - which is an elegant australian designed footstool to get you in the Proppr position for your next trip to the bathroom.

Topics Include:

  • Zhenya's journey into colon hydrotherapy
  • Colon hydrotherapy 101
  • What ACTUALLY happens in a session
  • Different types and what to look for
  • Who should be getting colonics
  • How often you should go
  • Can you go too much?
  • Tips on finding a good colon hydrotherapist
  • Contraindications and cautions 
  • HOW we should be pooping
  • The power of footstools
  • The best footstool on the market and how you can access it

Links and where to find out more about Zhenya, and the Proppr:


Nov 19, 2019

Topics Include:

  • Update on Kate's Breast Cancer journey
  • Defining PCOS (it may not be what you think)
  • Getting a correct diagnosis
  • Different types of PCOS and why it matters
  • Health consequences of sweeping it under the carpet
  • To keto or not to keto
  • Dietary principles for treating PCOS
  • Is it forever?
  • The most effective supplement interventions 
Nov 12, 2019

Topics include:

  • Kate's breast Cancer diagnosis
  • Why it can be harder to stay on track during the silly season
  • Tips on navigating social situations with alcohol
  • Tips on navigating social situations with food that doesn’t align with what makes you feel good
  • Declining drinks/foods nicely, should you do it or should you accept it?
  • Practical strategies to help you not go backwards in your healing journey
  • Healthy party/Christmas gathering ideas as a host
  • Staying consistent outside of the social events
  • Should I still see my practitioner and/or join up to programs during this time?
  • Navigating parenting with increased sugar around kids
Nov 6, 2019

Topics Include:

  • What does play mean
  • The proven benefits of play for your health
  • Our fave ways to play as an adult
  • Reflections on our favourite 80s and 90s childhood games and bringing it back
  • Getting over the idea that play is a waste of time 
  • Making it happen in reality


Oct 28, 2019

Topic Include:

  • Uncovering your relationship with alcohol 
  • Exploring emotional versus physical impact of alcohol
  • Social norm reflections and insights
  • Breaking out of the cycle with practical tips
  • How much is too much?
  • Best and worst types to consume
  • Impact on your health - gut, hormones and sleep
  • Managing/preventing hangovers with natural medicine
Oct 22, 2019

Topics Include:

  • How to know if you are experiencing brain fog
  • Main causes and what it could be telling you
  • Blood sugar imbalances are real
  • Thyroid health and brain fog
  • Is it in my gut?
  • Foods to fight the fog
  • Supplements to enhance concentration and cognition
  • Essential oils to boost productivity
  • Non-Food based mental performance hacks


Nat's snobby mushroom cacao elixir recipe:

1 heaped tbsp. cacao powder

1 cup boiling water or warmed nut milk

1-2 tsp. MCT oil

1 tsp. Lion's Mayne

1 tsp. Cordyceps

1 tsp. Ashwagandha 

1/2 tsp. of monk fruit extract or natural sweetener of choice

Blitz/blend and enjoy!

Oct 15, 2019

Topics Include:

  • What’s considered a low libido
  • The main causes of low libido in females
  • Foods to boost libido
  • Rolling with your cycle 
  • Supplements for libido
  • Essential oils for libido
  • Sex post kids - expectations and reality
  • Tips for making sex work in your busy life


Oct 7, 2019

Meet Our Guest:

Jordanna is an author, podcaster, manifestor, lunar lover and (closet) stand-up comic, who has a knack for taking mind-exploding spiritual concepts and making them digestible, relatable and applicable to everyone. Jords runs two incredible podcasts- one solo called Lunar Lover and one with the beautiful Hollie Azzorpardi called The Middle. Jords has also recently released an absolutely amazing book called Make it Happen which we believe is a must read for all of you guys wanting to live your best life. You can find out more about her offerings via her website and her social media channels which we will pop in the show notes.


Topics Include

  • Jordanna's approach to spiritual growth or personal development
  • How to bring more humanness into the pursuit of becoming your best self
  • Personal development and spiritual growth cycles and learning to love the "in between"
  • What exactly manifesting is
  • The manifesting equation
  • The part of the Manifesting Equation people struggle with the most 
  • The biggest mistakes people make when it comes to manifesting NOT working for them
  • Does picturing or thinking about something negative kill your manifesting game?
  • Can you manifest for other people? 
  • The biggest lesson Jords' has learnt in the process of uncovering the art of manifesting


Where to find more from Jordanna:


Oct 1, 2019

Topics Include:

  • Nat’s & Kate's personal journey with disordered eating and body image
  • Strategies and practical tips that helped us heal
  • Using bandaids as stepping stones for healing emotional and/or binge eating
  • “Doing the work” and why this is where the magic happens
  • Our thoughts on whether it ever leaves you 
Sep 24, 2019

Guest Bio:


Dr. Mariza Snyder is a functional practitioner and the author of seven books, including the National Bestseller, The Essential Oils Hormone Solution, focused on balancing hormones with the power of essential oils, and the #1 Amazon Bestseller The Smart Mom’s Guide to Essential Oils.

For the past ten years, she has lectured at wellness centers, conferences, and corporations on hormone health, essential oils, nutrition, and detoxification.  She has been featured on Dr. Oz, Fox News Health, Oprah Magazine, MindBodyGreen and many publications. Dr. Mariza is also the host of theEssentially You Podcast, designed to empower women to become the CEO of their health. Check out her website,, for women’s hormone tips, including recipes and remedies.

Topics include

  • Dr. Mariza's background and how she came to specialise in women’s hormones
  • The biggest contributor to hormone imbalance in women
  • One thing women should do that will help with hormone balance, across the board
  • Why Dr. Mariza incorporate essential oils into her personal and professional life
  • How essential oils help with hormone health
  • Top 3 essential oils for hormone health and how to use them
  • The essential oils you use for hormone support pre and post hysterectomy  
  • Recommendations for women dealing with PCOS
  • Endometriosis thoughts
  • Ingestion of essential oils 
  • Dr. Mariza's incredible book – The Essential Oils Hormone Solution
  • Dr. Mariza's incredibly upcoming Essential Oil Hormone Summit

Podcast Links and Where To Find More From Dr. Mariza

Dr Mariza's Website 

MBG ingestion of oils 

Superwoman blend 

Essentially You Podcast 

Days for Girls

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